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Aero Zip Limited is a Prviate Limited company registered in England & Wales with Company number: 02201333


Registered VAT number: GB 840612944

About us

Aero Zip has been a leading supplier to the UK furniture and bed industry for over 35 years and has continually provided customers with a high-quality service and diverse range of products at a competitive price. Aero Zip supplies  a core product range, such as zip, webbing, recliners, swivel bases etc.


Aero Zip is a customer-driven company that constantly improve their products and services by listening to the needs and suggestions of their clients. 


We have a team of employees who are competent, committed and experienced.




Aero Zip was founded as a family business in 1983 to provide zips to the South Wales furniture manufacturing industry.


Over the last three and a half decades one thing remains unchanged – we are still a family business, totally dedicated to establishing long term business relationships.


In 2009 Aero Zip Ltd joined Ipea s.r.l of Italy to form Ipea UK Ltd. Ipea are Europe’s leading supplier of components to the upholstery industry and have over 30 years experience in the research and development of components for the furniture industry. Ipea UK supplies components such as electronic devices & metal feet, while Aero Zip continues to supply its core product range to the furniture manufacturing industry.


In 2013 Aero Zip acquired new 15,000 sq. ft. premises to support its expanding developments. The new premises increased warehouse capacity along with new offices for staff. 




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