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Aero Zip Limited is a Prviate Limited company registered in England & Wales with Company number: 02201333


Registered VAT number: GB 840612944

Ipea UK is the result of the successful joint venture in 2009 between Ipea s.r.l of Italy and Aero Zip Limited in the UK. Ipea’s success throughout Europe and Aero Zip’s 35 year experience in the UK combined with the shared vision of its Directors led to the creation of Ipea UK.


Ipea are Europe’s leading supplier of components to the upholstery industry and have over 30 years experience in the research and development of components for the furniture industry. Ipea's commitment to excellence is evident in the exceptional quality of its materials, manufacturing processes and finishes, which combine to produce some of the finest furniture components on the market.


Ipea UK will distribute the existing Ipea product range such as electronic technology and metal feet, but will also take advantage of Ipea’s unrivalled R&D facilities to bring new, innovative products to the UK market.


To view the Ipea UK website click here.


For more information please get in touch: sales@ipeauk.co.uk

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