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Piping Cord

High quality piping cord for a range of upholstery needs. Proudly manufactured in the UK. We offer a range of products including washable piping, edgeroll and recycled paper piping. We can also make softer or firmer version based on client requests.

Non-woven piping cord

Manufactured from 100% non-woven material, this product is washable and dry-cleanable. Available in a range of sizes (from 3mm to 12mm). We can manufacture firmer and softer versions to meet your needs (subject to a MOQ)


Paper piping cord

Manufactured from 100% cellulose wadding with a synthetic yarn outer braiding. The Paper Piping Cord is similar to the Washable Cord, however, it is made from 100% recycled paper. It is available in sizes from 4mm through to 25mm.


Cotton piping

Manufactured from 100% cotton yarn this product is available in both natural and pre-shrunk qualities.


Sizes range from cotton sizes No.6  to No.12. 


Kraft cord

Manufactured from natural kraft tape to produce a hard but flexible cord.


Edge Roll

A range of round flanged profiles which are stapled to the internal wooden furniture frame to provide a rounded frame edging. The edge-roll is manufactured using non-woven filler material and outer covering that is sewn together. Edge roll is also washable.


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