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Aero Zip offers a comprehensive range of zip fasteners which are available from stock or manufactured specifically to customer requirements. Below is a selection of our zip fasteners range, all of which are manufactured to BS3084 and other corresponding international quality standards for zip fasteners.

Zip Chains & Sliders


Zip chain is a continuous length of zip which is supplied on a reel with loose zip sliders for final assembly by the end user. We carry large stocks in both No.3 polyester coil (light/medium end uses) and No.5 polyester coil (medium/heavy end uses). This range of zip fasteners is suitable for a wide range of applications in the manufacture of furniture, clothing, luggage, and leisure goods.

Other sizes available No.7/8/9/10 Coil & 5-8-10 Moulded

A sample of our most popular colours in No.3 Polyester Coil Chain. If you are looking for an alternative colour please get in touch with our Sales Team

N.B. These colours are not a strict representation of our zip colours. For an accurate colour chart, please contact our sales office

Closed end zips

The bottom end of the zip is sealed normally with a metal staple that prevents the slider detaching from the zip when it is fully opened.


We stock the 3FRC-32 pinlock closed end zip in our most popular range of sizes and colours. We can supply made to order  closed end zips in No.3 and No.5 coil. Please contact our Sales Office for lead times and minimum order quantities .

Open end zips


We offer a wide range of open end zips and carry large stocks of our Aerolon no.5 coil open end  zips. We can supply made to order zips in non-stock sizes / colours within 10 working days.


We can supply No. 8-9-10 coil open and  No.6-8-10 moulded  open end zips to order. Please contact our Sales Office for lead times and minimum order quantities

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